The Science – How Serelax Works

In our modern, fast-paced world, sources of stress are literally everywhere. Major life events, the daily demands of work and family, and even the changing of the seasons can all cause normally happy, calm individuals to feel down and anxious. Over time, even mild depression and anxiety can leave people feeling as though life is an endless struggle instead of a source of joy.

If you are having trouble seeing the bright side of things and feel as though you’re always on edge, you may be looking for something to help you get through this somewhat dark time in your life. You are positive your problems aren’t severe enough to warrant taking a prescription drug, but still desperately want to find some relief.


After reading about Serelax, you may believe it could be the solution you’ve been searching for. You like the idea that it addresses depression, anxiety, and stress, and the stories from real users definitely give you hope.* However, before placing an order, you need an answer to the most pressing question of all: “How exactly does Serelax work?”

Serelax is a rigorously researched and meticulously developed formulation that contains compounds specially selected for their ability to produce dramatic improvements in emotional health!*

Our proprietary blend of ingredients works to correct mild chemical imbalances in the brain and soothe the entire body to provide total relief without mood-altering chemicals that can carry a risk of side effects and dependency.* We truly believe that Serelax is the most advanced, most comprehensive all-natural depression and anxiety product on the market!*

All of the following effects of Serelax will noticeably lift your mood and ease anxiety symptoms:

  • Boosts levels of certain mood-regulating brain chemicals*
  • Relieves body tension due to excess stress and anxiety*
  • Lessens the severity of anxiety and promotes calmness*

Serelax Works to Correct Chemical Disruptions in The Brain That May be Bringing You Down!*

People may blame depression and anxiety on a negative attitude or a general inability to “cope” with life, but the truth is that these issues can often be attributed to imbalances of important chemicals called neurotransmitters. Found in the brain, these compounds play a key role in governing our moods and our overall emotional state. Three especially important neurotransmitters are GABA, serotonin, and dopamine. GABA acts as an anxiety-reducing agent and has a sedative effect, while serotonin plays a vital role in lowering anxiety levels and stabilizing mood. The release of dopamine is strongly tied to pleasurable feelings and satisfaction. Clearly, if levels of any of these chemicals decreased, such an imbalance would have a negative impact on an individual’s emotional state. Conversely, raising levels would logically lead to better mood, enhanced relaxation, and lowered anxiety.

Essential Neurotransmitters

Serelax contains a number of substances that can increase levels of all three of the crucial brain chemicals discussed above.* The L-theanine in Serelax is thought to provide a dopamine boost, while GABA supplements levels of the naturally occurring chemical of the same name.* Additionally, there is some evidence that the valerian in Serelax can provide a further GABA boost.* Finally, the optimal amount of 5-HTP provides the brain with the building blocks needed to synthesize more serotonin.*

Serelax Can Soothe Tension Throughout The Entire Body to Promote Profound Relaxation!*

Anyone coping with chronic stress and anxiety knows that these issues can affect the body as well as the mind. When we are subjected to stressful situations or sense that we are being threatened, our bodies instinctively react by increasing muscle tension. Normally, these muscles relax once the stressful situation is resolved or the danger is removed. If stress and anxiety are ongoing problems, however, this may not happen. Muscles can remain tight and taut, which can cause pain or even spasms. Tensed muscles can also contribute to the sensation of being on edge and unable to unwind.

Serelax contains several mild sedatives and relaxants that can gently calm the body and help loosen up muscles that may be stiff, tight, and sore.* Valerian, jujube, and Roman chamomile all have these advantageous relaxation-promoting properties. By addressing one of the most common physical effects of stress and anxiety, these important parts of the Serelax formulation help provide comprehensive symptom relief.*

Serelax Eases Nervous Tension And Lessens The Overall Severity of Anxiety And Its Many Symptoms!*

Anxiety refers to emotions of fear, angst, and worry, which are normal responses to challenging and frightening situations. However, many people suffer from ongoing anxiety that does not have a legitimate cause. These individuals may be plagued by persistent feelings of panic, edginess, irritability, and general apprehension and unease. They may worry incessantly and always have a vague sense that something bad is about to happen.

The exact causes of chronic anxiety can often be difficult to pinpoint. The good news is that there are extracts that have been clinically proven to provide substantial relief, and Serelax contains several of the most promising ones.* More than one team of investigators found that the passionflower in Serelax can lessen the severity of generalized anxiety disorder symptoms, and that improvements were comparable to those seen with prescription benzodiazepines.* Similar findings have been reported for kava kava, which is also part of the premium Serelax blend.*

Serelax is an extraordinary creation that can melt away body tension and ease the negative emotional effects of anxiety while helping to balance the brain chemicals that keep us feeling cheerful and positive about life!*

Don’t resign yourself to feeling down in the dumps or to taking a synthetic drug indefinitely! With Serelax, you can let go of worry and gently correct chemical disruptions that may be making you feel sad and completely unlike your normal happy-go-lucky self.* In short, Serelax can help you get your mind, your body, and your life back on track!*